Common Mistakes People Make When Starting A Workout Program

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Keeping yourself fit is essential to ensure your holistic well-being. Exercise and nutrition are an integral part of keeping your body and mind healthy. However, did you know that the average exerciser quits after just six months for one of the following reasons, not enough time or not seeing results? Sadly, most people become frustrated and quit exercising before they see any real results. But it’s not too surprising, given the common mistakes many people make with their training programs. To help you steer clear of such situations, The Body Firm Atlanta has compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make when starting a workout program and how to avoid them.

1. Starting off doing too much

Many people start workouts too hard, too often, all while cutting calories to almost zero. This person is usually trying to make up for lost time in a short period. It usually leads to burnout because you expect too much from each and every session, every day, and expect quick results. But the truth is that it is ok to have recovery days where you go light/easy in the gym, and it’s ok to have re-feed days with more calories. It is also ok to take days off. You have to play the long game first as it’s the one that matters. It’s not going to benefit you much to work out for two to three months out of the year, burn yourself out and then wait for eight months and try again. You’re better off slowly working yourself back into shape so you can make your workout part of your daily routine while also alleviating the pressure of having to get the most out of every single minute you’re in the gym.

2. Starting off doing too little

Yes, this is possible as well. Some people think they are too old, too overweight, or just too far gone to make progress. So they will not put forth their best effort at any time ever. They never set benchmarks for themselves and use those as a gauge to improve over time. They will limit their progress monitoring to “Did I lose weight or not?”. The problem with this approach is that if you never get out of your comfort zone, and if you never sweat or even breathe hard during a workout, the chances of you making appreciable progress are slim to none. And lack of results is the biggest reason for discouragement and discontinuation of the fitness/lifestyle pattern. You have to put your best foot forward, try your best, improve on last time or simply at least make the workouts challenging for yourself to complete for progress to be made.

3. Having no direction

Some people decide to work out by just showing up at the gym and doing stuff. Unfortunately, guessing just doesn’t work for many people in many facets of life, and fitness certainly fits in that category. With today’s technology, there are numerous resources, from paid to free, for you to research and put together a program that may work for you. Even if you signed up for a program for a limited time to learn what to do, when, and how much of it to do, you will leave more educated and better prepared for fitness on your own. Many times, the knowledge and information from a professional are just as beneficial as the fitness.

4. Having no accountability

Many people also don’t have anyone to hold them accountable. And in some cases even have friends or family members who discourage them or belittle their results. It’s very hard to stay motivated when you’re the only one with a vested interest in your progress. This is why group training has become so popular because you build community and camaraderie with the people you are working out with. They see you and check on you when you don’t. Even if it’s just a gym buddy who will get you out of bed early or call you after work for a gym session. It helps not to do it alone. This also helps during the workout to know that someone is feeling the same workout stresses as you are and wants you to succeed as much as you want it for yourself. This is another reason that utilizing the services of a professional is beneficial.

5. Joining the wrong type of program

If you want to get more flexible, you probably should opt for yoga over powerlifting. In the same way, some people join fitness programs that do not match their desired outcome. Many times this leads to the client having a “bad taste” for fitness programs when they simply chose the wrong one. There are so many different types of fitness programs these days. There is almost surely one that suits your taste. Try a few before settling on one that you think meets your needs for your desired outcome and the type of environment that will keep you coming back for years to come should you choose to do so.

6. Not being consistent

Many people fall short of their goals because they are not consistent enough. Either their fitness, diet, sleep, hydration, stress levels or multiple other factors are in bad shape. Any one of these can derail progress, let alone if you have multiple facets of your life that are causing undue stress to your body. To have the most healthy, most productive, and energetic body possible and obtain the best results possible, you should focus on being as well-rounded as you possibly can. All results are not achieved by doing more, working out, eating less, and trying harder. Sometimes you just need some more sleep to be more consistent on the weekends or to stress about work less. Many times these are the things derailing progress and causing discouragement. If you can get your body into a good place, it will return the favor.

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