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These are just a few of hundreds of success stories from The Body Firm Atlanta. Whatever your goals are, we can help!

  • Corporate Fitness Programs Duluth

    John started training with The Body Firm Atlanta at the young age of 59 years old! He had considered himself too busy for self care as an executive who traveled the world frequently. However one doctors visit revealed he was a bit overweight and had slightly high levels of cholesterol. That lit a fire that has yet to dim. John has not missed a beat. Even while maintaining a rigorous travel schedule, he managed to lose almost 30 lbs, got in good enough shape to start winning most 5k's in his age group. His effort level is rarely matched, even among people half his age and his health, energy and vigor have improved tremendously as a result. Now in his 70's, you can find John trying to beat you at whatever exercise you are doing....

    John M.
  • Corporate Fitness Programs Duluth

    Krys came to The The Body Firm Atlanta after having made some progress on her own, but having reached a plateau.  With the help of The The Body Firm Atlanta she burned an additional 20 lbs of body fat and got into the best shape of her life.

  • Corporate Fitness Programs Duluth

    Trevor had the goal of putting on lean muscle. With the expert advice of The Body Firm Atlanta, he was able to add 20 lbs of mass while keeping his body fat low.

  • Corporate Fitness Programs Duluth

    John is an online client who needed some help burning fat while retaining muscle. In Just four weeks he's seen a narrower waistline and more muscularity due to decreased body fat. All while working out in the comfort of his own home hundreds of miles away. If you are willing to put in the work, we will get you your results.