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About Us

Changing Lives One Step At A Time

Since 2010, The Body Firm Atlanta has been changing the course of thousands of lives. From correcting obesity from poor lifestyle habits to making marathoners out of couch potatoes, we have impacted many lives in the Atlanta area and beyond.  We pride ourselves on the versatility of our program.  No where else can you run indoors (without a treadmill) all winter and with the same group do weight lifting, medicine balls, rowing, yoga, kickboxing, .5 mile obstacle courses, pilates, heavy bags, kettle bells, distance running and TRX.  The workouts may vary, but the challenge does not, you will be challenged EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT!  All ages and shapes are welcome.  Can't run? Walk!  Can't Jump? That's ok, we know how to modify for a litany of ailments and restrictions.  Join our group and see your results today!

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