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Dear People of Duluth,

    The Body Firm Atlanta has decided to extend enrollment of our Mid-Life Makeover! 

You may have seen us on the news, the weather channel or at your local school or park doing boot camps. We are fully invested in building a healthier community.

Why? because we have helped hundreds of people lose weight, reduce medications, and turn back the hands of time with their appearance and vitality. 

This 6 week program combines semi-private training, premium nutrition options, and individual support to help you become healthier, fitter, and more confident without risky procedures or spending ruthless hours in the gym.

Do you want in?

We KNOW You're Busy...

Trust me we know:) We work with everyone from teachers building our future generations to executives flying the world over.

Some of these people used to think there wasn't enough time in the day to dedicate to themselves. Between work, kids, errands and taking care of home, it seems there is no time left for yourself.

Where does that leave time for you?  That is exactly why we created the Mid-Life Makeover just for you!

With 3 easy steps, you can get tight and toned, healthy and look and feel better than you have in years (maybe even decades). It's time to focus on *YOU* again.

Step 1

Do 2-3 of our challenging Group Workouts Each Week

Each one of our workouts is fast, fun, effective and will fit the busiest of schedules. 

You will feel increased energy levels, mood and more strength and endurance with each additional workout.

Step 2

Follow Our Simple and customizable Nutrition Blueprint

Who says eating has to be confusing or tasteless? 


These meals can be prepped in just minutes, they are convenient, easy to make, affordable, and will prove to you that eating healthy can be delicious as well as nutritious.  

Step 3

Accountability and Support

We have a 100% success with weight loss clients when they opt in for our meal plans combined with our fitness programs. We provide personal coaching and entire facebook community as well as video instructions and encouragement. 


Your coach will keep you accountable, track your progress and celebrate your milestone accomplishments with you.

  • You're a striving person that wants to lose fat, tone up, or increase strength & ENERGY levels...

  •  You've previously TRIED diets, weight loss programs, or anti-aging techniques but failed to get the desired results...

  • ​You DON'T HAVE TIME to spend your life in the gym or kitchen but still want to learn how to transform your body...

  • ​You want to feel excited, energetic, and CONFIDENT in your own skin again...

  • ​You have ever struggled with STAYING motivated and remaining consistent in your workouts or eating habits...

  • ​You want a tailored, efficient, and FUN program designed to help you through youthful ageing!

some of our sucess stories!!

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